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Dutch lake Motel & Camp Ground.

 I have had a web site since I started my motel business, but it was just an informational site. We had a number of issues receiving reservations from overseas customers with the time differences. In the two months since I purchased the Platinum Package from NBTUS it has already attracted more revenue than I invested for the site. Especially, travelers from Europe have made more than 50% of the total reservations. I and my staff all thank NBTUS and are very satisfied with the web site. (My wife likes the web site design the most.)


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MRsv is an accommodation website solution that integrates a reservation engine,
CMS and CRM tools to reduce the time spent on reservation management by up to 90 percent.


Check availability form

Provides a step-by-step, user-friendly interface to enable customers to check room availability and make reservations. It is easy to see an overview of room availability using the calendar function. 


CMS(Content Management System)

Site administrators can manage the contents of various pages using their admin account. WYSIWYG style interface, mouse drag-and-drop offers administrators full control to manage their site content effectively.

Search Reservation

Reservation / Search / Cancel

A customer can make, view, or cancel a booking easily using information provided by the system. Administrators can monitor booking activities as well as override changes to the system.



Customer can view the images of the accommodation facilities through a picture gallery. Site administrators can add or remove images easily through the admin panel.

location map


Using Microsoft Virtual Earth, a powerful mapping tool, your site will show visitors a detailed description of your location and surrounding areas. Site administrators can change the location address in the admin panel.


Inventory (Room Management)

Site administrators can easily manage all of the room information in the admin panel. You can define different categories of rooms and set applicable taxes. You can also apply different room rates for peak and off-peak seasons using the calendar tool.


CRM((Customer Relationship Management)

Administrators can manage all registered guests by sending pre-formatted e-mails. You can define the contents of the e-mail to suit different situations.


Payment management

Administrators can choose from various forms of online payments. PayPal is the most reliable and easy way to receive payments online.

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