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Dutch lake Motel & Camp Ground.

 I have had a web site since I started my motel business, but it was just an informational site. We had a number of issues receiving reservations from overseas customers with the time differences. In the two months since I purchased the Platinum Package from NBTUS it has already attracted more revenue than I invested for the site. Especially, travelers from Europe have made more than 50% of the total reservations. I and my staff all thank NBTUS and are very satisfied with the web site. (My wife likes the web site design the most.)


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  • Standard XHTML based coding
  • Standard CSS based coding
  • SEO Friendly coding
  • SSL support


  • Check availability form
  • CMS
  • Reservation
  • Cancel
  • Contact us
  • Location
  • Gallery


  • Room type management
  • Inventory management
  • Reservation management
  • Customer Service
  • Template mailing service
  • E-mail history
  • Gallery management
  • Payment method-paypal
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