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Dutch lake Motel & Camp Ground.

 I have had a web site since I started my motel business, but it was just an informational site. We had a number of issues receiving reservations from overseas customers with the time differences. In the two months since I purchased the Platinum Package from NBTUS it has already attracted more revenue than I invested for the site. Especially, travelers from Europe have made more than 50% of the total reservations. I and my staff all thank NBTUS and are very satisfied with the web site. (My wife likes the web site design the most.)


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Accommodation Products

Current Accommodation Industry

  • Currently, there are hundreds of online reservation agencies competing with each other, but their focus is largely on processing big hotels that are located in large metropolitan cities.  For medium sized hotels and motels, small reservation agencies provide booking services and charge reservation fees or transaction fees based on the number of reservations or total cost of the reservations.

    Accommodation facilities that don’t have their own web site or can’t register with reservation agencies are excluded from these e-services (even if they are willing to pay the fees).  And if accommodation facilities want to have their own reservation engine, they will have to pay a tremendous amount of money.

    Approximately 20% of accommodation businesses in the world have their own reservation engine or receive these services from reservation agencies. These businesses pay a significantly high cost to maintain these services, and so the businesses that can afford them are big hotels and those in high level facilities located in large cities.  For small or medium sized motels, lodges, cabins, or B&Bs, it can be difficult to provide a cost-effective booking system to allow travelers to book a reservation online.  However, with NBTUS’s Accommodation Solution, businesses don’t need to pay any transaction fees and they can install the system easily with very low cost, allowing the business to grow with new revenue opportunities. 

Product Price Description
Gold Web Site Price: $ 700.00 + tax - Pre made delux accommodation template
(5 pages + admin pages)
Platinum Web Site Price: $ 2000.00 + tax - Fully Customized Design
(Up to 10pages + Admin pages)
Reservation Engine Price: $ 1500.00 + tax - Accommodation reservation engine
Gold Package Price: $ 2100.00 + tax - Gold web site + reservation engine
Platinum package Price: $ 3300.00 + tax - Platinum website + reservation engine
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